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Concrete Swimming Pool Renovations Gold Coast, Brisbane.

Concrete swimming pools Brisbane, Gold Coast are easily updated. Many concrete structures are built with an expected lifetime of approximately 100 years, but researchers have suggested that adding silica fume could extend the useful life of concrete to as long as 16,000 years. This means that your 50 year old swimming pool, while looking outdated is actually nowhere near (its used by date).

Swimming Pool Renovations Brisbane,Gold Coast. Renovating your swimming pool is made easy with origin pools, we start by checking the pool for leaks once we are sure its 100% water tight we will empty the pool, remove old / outdated coping pavers /coping tiles and any coping bedding, remover waterline tiles and water line render, check over the old interior finish and remove any and all that seems it has lost its integrity. Replace any damaged pipe work skimmer boxes, add any piping or features. In certain cases we may need to cut the top of the pool off and add or reduce depth as a need to suit new surrounds and personal preferences. The possibilities are endless.

Now we are left with the blank swimming pool canvas, this is where the swimming pool renovation gets fun!. Choose from a wide range of recommended coping paver, Natural stone products, ceramic mosaics, glass mosaics, Pebble tex interior, Qurtzon interior finish, Pool renovations do not stop there.

Simply call us here at Origin Pools for your free assessment and quote today for Concrete Swimming Pools,Swimming Pool Renovations Brisbane,Gold Coast.