Pool Retaining Walls Allow You to Reclaim Otherwise Unusable Land

If you have a sloping block and you want to reclaim unusable land, there are a few treatment options available to facilitate this. The most notable and reliable option for sloping situations is to install or incorporate your backyard pool with retaining walls to ensure stability and safety in construction and subsequent enjoyment.

There are a variety of swimming pool retaining walls available including;

  • Segmented block wall retaining systems
  • Treated hardwood sleepers
  • Treated pine sleepers
  • Concrete sleepers and galvanised steel posts
  • Besser block walls
  • Garden walls
  • Rock walls

Each of these products have different applications and life spans depending on your budget and situation and requirements. Some options are suitable for necessities surrounding a standard or aesthetic above ground pool retaining wall, others will be more attuned for a retaining wall for a pool on a slope. Each material is suited for different styles and preferences, having an Origin Pools expert observe and advise is the best course for determining the best retaining wall design for your swimming pool.

All backyard pools with retaining walls above 1 metre in height need to be accompanied by an engineering certificate. An onsite visit will enable us to help you to design the most economical and practical solution with experience and advice that allows you to feel more at ease with the adjustments being suggested for your backyard.

The various designs available will allow you to have more choice and customisation as to the look of your new addition to the pool. With a variety of sturdy yet alluring base materials which can add a layer of beauty to any backyard, whilst also ensuring safety and support for your backyard investment.

The most popular option observed has been the classic concrete blocks, which are easiest to install and can have a striking and bold aesthetic. Other popular pool retaining walls have been created using more natural stone options such as brick or cinder. These evoke a more classical and traditional style and can easily complement the building materials of the house to add a more rustic and communicative vibe.

We understand that you cannot change the lay of the land, but it should never mean you cannot strive to have your imagined backyard, we believe in keeping your vision as a priority throughout the entire process. Origin Pools ensure the retaining wall around your pool is always sleek and sturdy.

Origin Expertise

Origin Pools specialise in swimming pool construction and in our experience, pool retaining walls and swimming pool construction go hand in hand.

There are many instances when repositioning a swimming pool or altering the design can reduce or replace the need for excess construction, although we will decide on the appropriate course of action during an onsite visit and survey of the land. There are times where the geographic nature of the land necessitates intervention, such as the requirement of a retaining wall for an above ground pool on a slope, in these instances, we will give our honest and logical opinions and diagnoses of the best course of action for you.

However, if a retaining wall around the pool is required, by incorporating the design with the swimming pools’ engineering we ensure that the retaining wall is engineered correctly.

The added caveat to our all-encompassing service is the consideration of future treatments and upkeep for your pool. Throughout the construction and subsequent updates made with pool retaining walls, we ensure that there is no loss of convenience for your personal use of the pool as well as ensuring that proper maintenance and upkeep is still as easy as possible.

Origin Pools are well versed and expertly trained and will be pleased to quote on any of the following services;

  • Pool Construction
  • Pool Renovation
  • Timber Decking
  • Pool Surrounds
  • Feature walls
  • Water features
  • Pool Tiles
  • Filtration and chlorination

Origin Pools’ licenses cover both swimming pool construction and carpentry, allowing us to provide you with the most comprehensive service available in the industry. Our years of experience compiled with a team of experts allows us to always give the best and most weighted advice on the market for any situation related to your new backyard investment.

Please do not hesitate to call us today at Origin Pools for your no obligation, free quote.